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Let's Be Friends

Aquaculture Supplier O - Oculus Aquatics

About Oculus Aquatics™
Oculus Aquatics (OA) is a Los Angeles based importer of premium corals from around the world and is committed to delivering the highest quality of coral available to their wholesale customers. Although they were founded in 2009; the owners, management and employees have been reef enthusiasts and worked in the industry in various capacities for a combined experience of over 35 years. Oculus Aquatics™ bring their long-standing passion and experience to the wholesale coral business.

Oculus Aquatics™ imports only the finest of corals into the United States from around the world. In addition to importing these corals to share with our customers, Oculus Aquatics™ farms premier corals and makes them available to our customers in healed, encrusted and healthy frags. Each month, we will be releasing new corals. Each piece of coral will be rested, healed and acclimated in our 15,000 gallon facility before being shipped.

Lighting: MH and T5, More information soon

Tank Setup: Oculus Aquatics state of the art 15,000 gallon facility. More information soon

Livestock: When Oculus Aquatics™ items are listed on the website already, they will be linked below. If there is something here you see that is Not on the website, simply Contact us, and we can get you the information and pricing. Want to see All of the items with pictures? View All Listed items with images and pricing

Oculus Aquatics™ FARMED Premier SPS Coral

Oculus Aquatics™ FARMED Premier SPS Coral

(* denoted sometimes limited availability, please call for updated information on stock, or pre-ordering.)