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C-quest - Wyoming White Clownfish

C-quest - Wyoming White Clownfish
(click pictures to enlarge)

Wyoming White clownfish from C-quest may look a similar to the ORA Platinum clownfish, but they are actually very different. The Wyoming Whites are Amphiprion ocellaris and the Platinums are Amphiprion percula.

The Wyoming White clownfish have a more uniform white color on the body, particularly in the chest and they have darker, and more colorful faces and fins.

The main photo of the Wyoming White from C-quest shows a mature pair of their white clownfish strain with extremely dark, almost black fins which contrasted vivdly with the stark white body. The younger fish that are sold do not have this vivid contrast, but are likely develop darkened fins with age

C-quest reported that the strain started showing up in 2006, in the batches of three different older pairs of Amphiprion ocellaris which looked completely normal in every respect. The first crossings of the Wyoming Whites yielded only 10-15 solid white fish per clutch. Over the last couple years C-quest has been trying different crosses and pairings to encourage the wyoming whites to breed true and they now have much more stable genes which should yield a high percentage of fish with the all white body coloration.

NOTE: C-Quest has Moved its Location, and has not fully ramped up production on this strain. They have not shipped since 2010, so dont be fooled by some stores claiming to have Original C-Quest whites. SR is taking down names, and keeping a waiting list, so when they DO begin shipping again, you will be notified.

Price is not listed, as I am not sure if the "cost" will increase upon re release, due to the nature of availability. There is sometimes a waiting list for these from the supplier, so If you want one submit your request now. You will not be billed, and we will call you to offer the fish on your turn on the list. There is no obligation to being on the list, It just shows you have interest in a possible purchase. Be sure to select COD for payment type, and "for pick up" so the eCommerce system does not bill you up front for shipping.

UPDATE!!! 6/2/2012, I have word from a very reliable source that says "please stay tuned, these will be becoming available". I can not post when.... or who, or any other details. All I can say is if you want to be in line for these, please place a pre order to get in line. people who pre-order before the "announcement" will get a pre-order/hold discount.

Item #:SR-CBF-CQU-100204 Please Note : This Item will Ship from 95112
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C-quest - Wyoming White Clownfish