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Tek-Light Elite Air Cooled T5 HO

Tek-Light  Elite Air Cooled T5 HO
(click pictures to enlarge)

The First Air-Cooled Tek-Light fluorescent fixtures from Sunlight Supply.

The new fan design draw air in the top of the fixture, across the ballast, across the lamps and out one end. This design keeps the ballast and lamps cool while being able to provide additional efficiency.

These new fixtures are now "graphite" color paint, and the Fulham Workhorse ballast type.

  • 98% reflective European aluminum reflectors increase output by over 300%
  • Active air cooling for optimum lamp performance
  • Includes acrylic shield
  • Aluminum body is lightweight
  • Powder coated with graphite color that is heavy duty and rust proof
  • Accommodates ultra efficient, high output T5 lamps (sold separately)
  • Sleek profile only 2.5 inches high
  • 2 power switches and cords for better lighting control – allows independent use of timers
  • Cool operation and NO noise
  • Two 8 ft power cords – 120 volt
  • Compatible with both of our cable hanging kits (sold separately)
Item #:SR-SS-9601xx Please Note : This Item will Ship from 95112
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Tek-Light  Elite Air Cooled T5 HO